Yogurt Snowman in a Waffle Wonderland

10 minutes 1 snowman


  • 3 frozen toaster waffles
  • 1 cup Vanilla La Yogurt Probiotic (or your favorite flavor!)
  • Decorations - candy cane crumbles, chocolate chips, pretzels, anything you like!
A Yummier Version of our Favorite Winter Tradition


  • 1
    Toast the waffles as you normally would, just not too crispy!
  • 2
    Use cookie cutters or a sharp knife (be careful!) to cut the waffles into 1 large, 1 medium, & 1 small circle
  • 3
    Spread Vanilla La Yogurt Probiotic in a layer over each waffle circle
  • 4
    Decorate! Use chocolate chips, blueberries, pretzels, whatever you like!
  • 5
    Send us a picture of your creation on Facebook!
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